2012 m. rugpjūčio 6 d., pirmadienis


Mochera. Kimštas natūralia vilna ir atiklo granulėmis. Naudotas 100 procentų lino audinys, papuoštas medine sagele. Aukštis apie 24 cm.  
Knopkiukas is an artist bear. Handmade, handsew. He is made from 100 % Sparse Helmbold mohair, with antique (ratinee) curl. Has got 5 joints (double for the head), glass eyes, embroidered nose. Stuffed with natural wool and glass pallets. Hes arms are wired. Trousers are sewed from 100 % linen material. He stands approximately 9 inches tall. One-of-a-kind-bear.

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