2017 m. lapkričio 9 d., ketvirtadienis

Hello, dear like-minded fellows,
I would   like to introduce to you a collection, which was designed specially for Teddies Worldwide exhibition .
This is the collection of chess bears and animals from Christmas Chess kingdom and it has an unusual story, as well as chess heroes with Christmas souls.
Each of the heroes has a certain symbolic meaning and embodies Christmas spirit.

Chess heroes :
Chess bear King
Chess bear Queen
Chess bear Bishop
Chess bear Pawn
Chess bear Rook
Chess bunny Knight.

Let's find Christmas Chess kingdom story and chess heroes at Teddies Worldwide.
 Let’s feel some Christmas aura :).



November 3        Preview & Voting Begin at 12:00pm (noon) New York time
November 16      Voting ends at end of day
November 17      Show Starts at 12:00pm (nnon) New York time, Winners announced
November 19      Show Ends at 8:00pm New York Time

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